A Child’s First 1,000 Days Are Critical

By age 3, a baby’s brain has reached 80% of its adult size. The quality of experiences during the first 1,000 days of life establishes either a strong or fragile foundation for everything that follows.

Economic Security

Children benefit from a healthy, stable environment, with parents who are employed, can provide safe housing and adequate nutrition, and have access to reliable transportation.

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A baby has a better chance if his or her mother has quality medical care during her pregnancy. After birth, the child’s access to proper care can ensure continued mental and physical health.

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Children must be protected from trauma, neglect, abuse, and violence in all forms. Children who have experienced trauma benefit greatly from counseling and other forms of healing.

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When children are encouraged to explore in a safe and supportive home environment and a nurturing child care setting, they experience long-term benefits in the classroom.

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You have the power to effect change

By making sure children’s needs are met in the first 1,000 days of a child’s life, we can avoid a host of expensive societal problems and build a stronger Florida. You can help by supporting public policy priorities such as quality child care, Baby Courts, EARLY Steps, and other programs that promote early childhood health/dental care, financial assistance, trauma-informed care, and parental support.

Tell your local legislator that you support programs that invest in families with young children, improving their chances for success, reducing crime, and strengthening our economy.

Reach Out To Your Legislator

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